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Q: How do I get a quote?


A: You can contact sales team either at orders@creativesewing.design or call 574-266-0478 between 8am to 5pm central time for a quote.


Q: How do I get an update on my order?


A: By contacting the sales team either orders@creativesewing.design or calling 574-226-0478 between 8am to 5pm central time and we would be more than happy to provide an update.


Q: Can I store anything under my Jackknife sofa?


A: While there is a minimal amount of space underneath the Jackknife product, it is not recommend purposing that area for storage. Due to the mechanism’s movement when transforming from a couch to a bed and also due to the inherent danger of reaching under a piece that cannot lock in place while inserting or removing stored items.


Q: Do you provide hardware for your Jack Knife sofa for installation purposes?


A: As we do not have contextual specs for your particular vehicle or application, we do NOT offer any hardware. You will need to  consult with your manufacturer for hardware types and installation specifics.